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Welcome back - today I am "f-ing" off reading a book I enjoy instead of responding to the 1000 f-ing auto-replies that bounced back in response to our annual newsletter! Today I said, I will get behind the computer when I feel like - take that -

I am a solo- entrepreneur, no employees - so if you see my talking to myself, don't worry - I am in a staff meeting with the voices in my head.

happy mun-dane-y folks and we will have you at anytime Kara, no expectations. ;-)

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When you started the suppoters zoom meetup, i had covid and couldn't attend.

for me it was also in the middle of my crisis mode at work.

After i recovered, I then went for a vacation and then even after i came back i still took a month to be on a lower workload


covid + crisis mode = 2 weeks

vacation mode = 2 weeks

50% workload = 1 month

and I didn't gym during those 2 months.

I consider the entire 2 months as letting myself take a break

And like you, I thought IT WAS GREAT!

When I came back to the gym, i hit a new personal best in my deadlifts about 7 weeks after that hiatus.

And is good to hear you back. And even better to hear what an awesome break it was for you :)

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this is great--such a valuable reminder about breaks and our mythology around consistency and productivity. I was just thinking of you, so it's fun to have this update!

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So glad you had a great break!

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Yay!! It was wonderful to read this. I think - I KNOW - that taking breaks and just “being” are essential for a psychologically happy life. The ultimate self kindness. You just describe it much better than I could haha. Thanks for leaning into it (I’m sure there was some fear) and then modeling for us how to do it! Cheering you on for your next break/rest 💜

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