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I’m going to start writing book #3 this year—but first, I’ve got to write a book proposal. Care to join me?

Come and take my first-ever online writing course!

Why learn with me?

My first book, Can You Learn to Be Lucky? was named a Fast Company best book of the year. I wrote my second book, Making Numbers Count: The Art and Science of Communicating Numbers, with Chip Heath (Switch, Made to Stick).

A former math teacher with Teach For America, I’ve been featured on BBC, NPR’s Planet Money, Good Day New York, and CBS Sunday Morning. I’ve given workshops and keynotes to audiences at TEDx1, Section business school, Hilton, the World Domination Summit, Square, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

As an expert at the intersection of behavioral science and data, I love transdisciplinary thinking, design, research, writing, and am generally like a one-woman version of IDEO.2

General Inquiries

I love speaking to organizations, presenting keynotes, and leading workshops. I’m single, have no kids, and am a solopreneur. As such, interacting with other human beings who are giving me money is, inevitably, the highlight of my day.

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